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We are constanly searching for problem solving product to make your job better. See products from leading manufacturers of industrial coatings and related application tools and equipment

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We  specialize in supplying industrial need

Protective Paint

We provide options for protection based on theory, data and field conditions

Decorative Paint

We have a more selection of variety and colors for a better decocative solution

Maintenance Product

We have the option of care solutions in your industry

Industrial Cleaner

some cleaning and preparation equipment solutions are the key to any jobs

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Instant Cold Galvanize Compound

KIND COLD GALVZ is an alternative material for applications such as hot dip galvanize, easier to apply, better results and strong


Heat Resistant Paint 600C

KIND HRP 600C is a silicone paint applied to high-temperature materials up to 600 degrees Celsius or 1112 degrees Fahrenheit

KIND Stoving

Stoving Paint

KIND Stoving paint is a paint that requires a high-temperature drying process so that the results of this paint is stronger and longer lasting


Pool Paint

KIND POOL paint that is specially formulated for the manufacture and repair of swimming pools with strong durability and good color choices

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KIND Industrial Paint

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